zum kopieren, auswendig lernen und mitsingen

From here to there

Battlefield Band

From Barra down to Biscay and from Shetland to Mayo
It's miles and miles of rocky roads which ever way you go
But a tune so sweet with a driving beat will follow you around
As the western shores unite to make that wild and joyful sound

A sound that will get you on your feet
No matter where you roam
Where ever you hear that sound so sweet
You can call that place your home

These are rare old times around the world from the west unto the east
Should we laugh or should we cry and will we live in peace
Back home the change is slow to come as we wait for the dawning light
So it's up the pipes and beat the drums to see as through the night

A sound that will get you . . .

We've travelled far and wandered wide from Alaska to Hong Kong
And welcome waits for all who hear and can't be sad for long
It's a cold hard heart that can resist this music and this song
In a mighty crowd of dancing feet that's where we all belong

A sound that will get you . . .

A sound that will get you . . .